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Eddie Hearn insists Bob Arum feud WON’T stop Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury from fighting

‘You could steal his house and SHOVE him over… he’d still ring you that night to do a deal’: Eddie Hearn insists Bob Arum feud WON’T stop Joshua and Fury from fighting – and says making undisputed clash with the Brit would be ‘far EASIER’ than WilderEddie Hearn insists he and Bob Arum could do a deal together despite their feudThe promoters exchanged barbs after Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury collapsedJoshua’s promoter Hearn wants to make the all-British undisputed fight nextHe wants Fury to beat Deontay Wilder because it’d be easier to make it with him 

Eddie Hearn has insisted his war of words with Bob Arum would not prevent them from doing a deal for Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to finally fight – and admitted he is hoping the Gypsy King defeats Deontay Wilder later this month. 

The two promoters have exchanged several barbs since the all-British undisputed fight between Joshua and Fury collapsed. 

Fury’s co-promoter Arum claimed Hearn’s ‘greed’ stopped the fight from happening while the Matchroom boss hit back by insisting the Top Rank chief ‘is the greediest man I’ve ever met’. 

Eddie Hearn insists his ongoing feud with Bob Arum won’t stop AJ and Tyson Fury fighting

Anthony Joshua was supposed to fight Tyson Fury in August but the fight collapsed

Despite their working relationship being tested by the Joshua-Fury fiasco, Hearn is in no way worried that he and Arum couldn’t come together to make a deal for the heavyweight blockbuster.

Hearn, who is already on such bad terms with Fury’s other promoter Frank Warren that they have never met, told Boxing Social: ‘I got the deal done and then it took Bob three of four weeks to say anything after the arbitration ruling came in and then he said we went back and got greedy and asked for money and that was the delay.

‘It’s very simple, together we had an agreed number and everybody approved of that deal. I went in and pitched it and got it done. There was no asking for more money or moving money about, he’s just made it up out of nowhere. 

‘But at the same time, the good thing about Bob is, you could take his car, nick his house, shove him over and he would still phone you that same night and make a deal. 

‘I admire him for that and I respect him for that because although he is just so outspoken and says some bizarre things, he will never, well maybe not never, he will rarely let ego get in the way if there’s money to be made so I don’t have any doubt that if Fury wins and AJ wins, we can make that fight.’

Bob Arum blamed Hearn’s ‘greed’ for the all-British heavyweight clash from collapsing

Fury could face Joshua next if he beats Deontay Wilder (R) and AJ wins against Oleksandr Usyk

Fury and Joshua were supposed to meet in Saudi Arabia in August before Deontay Wilder won his arbitration hearing to land a third a fight with the Gypsy King. 

Wilder will now have the opportunity to regain his WBC world title and end any chances of Fury taking on Joshua by defeating the Brit in Las Vegas on July 24. 

Joshua is now instead defending his belts against Oleksandr Usyk on September 25 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

AJ’s promoter Hearn admitted he wants to make the undisputed fight next and hopes Fury will beat Wilder because he would be ‘far easier’ to make it with than the American.

 Hearn said he has a better relationship with Fury’s team and hopes he beats Wilder on July 24

He added: ‘I think it would be easier for me to make the Tyson Fury fight. 

‘At least there are parts of his team that I can have cordial conversations with, and Tyson Fury himself. I’ve met him, I know him and then on the other side. 

‘There’s two times we tried to make the undisputed fight, the first time [with Wilder], I can’t even tell you the silence. They wouldn’t even have a meeting with me to discuss it. At least with Tyson Fury and Bob, if I called Bob, he would pick up the phone immediately.

‘A Tyson Fury victory would feel me with more confidence of making an undisputed fight with Anthony Joshua.’


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