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Euro 2020: Italy deliver another resounding rendition of their national anthem ahead of Spain clash

Italy deliver another resounding rendition of their national anthem ahead of Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Spain, leaving social media users in awe… and injured star Leonardo Spinazzola joined in at home!

Italy delivered another resounding rendition of their national anthem ahead of their Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Spain – and the emotional moment once again caused a stir on social media.

The Azzurri have caught the eye with their unbridled passion before every fixture at the tournament this summer, and the latest occasion was no different with every player belting out the lyrics at Wembley.

Wing back Leonardo Spinazzola even joined in at home, after he was ruled out with a ruptured Achilles tendon, with a video posted to social media showing him singing the lyrics with his son.

Italy delivered another rousing rendition of their national anthem before their clash with Spain

Leonardo Spinazzola singing the Italian National Anthem at home.

Supporting his country no matter what 🇮🇹❤️

(via miri_sette/IG) pic.twitter.com/j1DUziZyOn

— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) July 6, 2021

The anthem has long since been a favourite among supporters at every competition, and made a welcome return to the international stage after Italy’s shock absence from the 2018 World Cup.

For it, the Italian players line up with their arms around each other, and shout out the lyrics with impressive gusto. The catchy rhythm of the song has also helped it to stand out from the rest. 

Its original title is ‘Il Canto degli Italiani’, which translates to ‘The Song of the Italians’ – but it is also known by its opening words, ‘Fratelli d’Italia’, or ‘Brothers of Italy’.

Leonardo Spinazzola also sang along at home after being ruled out through a ruptured Achilles

The Azzurri are well renowned for signing the song with gusto at international competitions

And there was certainly unity from those in the stadium and watching from home, with a number of Twitter users making no secret of their love for the masterpiece.

One user questioned: ‘Even if Italy lose can we please have their anthem sung at the final?’

‘Italy should win it just purely based on how they sign (sic) their national anthem, outstanding,’ another posted.

Sky Sports reporter Chris Kamara said it was ‘game on’ after both anthems, adding: ‘The Italian National Anthem sung with gusto by very single player.’

Social media users had expressed their respect and adoration for the anthem ahead of kick-off

‘Goosebumps listening to the anthems,’ a fourth user wrote.

‘The Italian national anthem is just so majestic,’ said another. 

Another said: ‘I don’t think any other team has sung their national anthem with as much passion as the Italian team tonight. Wonderful to see,’ a sixth user reckoned.

A seventh argued: ‘The Italian national anthem is categorically the best.’

‘I know it is wrong, but I’m a little in love with the Italian national anthem,’ another said. 


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