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HOT OR NOT: Simon Kjaer is a true leader with how he dealt with Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest

HOT OR NOT: Simon Kjaer showed how he is a true leader of men with how he dealt with Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest… while referee Steve Gray should’ve shown Lewis Ritson mercy when the towel was thrown in

It’s Hot or Not time again as Sportsmail’s Riath Al-Samarrai reveals what’s been making him feel warm and what’s been leaving him cold this week.


Simon Kjaer

What happened to Christian Eriksen was horrible. 

But it would have been worse if it wasn’t for Denmark’s captain, who in the fog of that awful situation had the presence of mind to check Eriksen’s airways, direct his team-mates into a protective cordon and then comfort his partner.

Denmark captain Simon Kjaer showed true leadership qualities when helping Christian Eriksen

Cristiano Ronaldo

His rearrangement of the bottles might not do so much in the long term to counter obesity. 

Likewise, it’s doubtful he was solely responsible for the $4billion dip in Coca-Cola’s value. But don’t let that cloud what was an otherwise worthwhile message. 

Cristiano Ronaldo caused a stir when he removed two Coca-Cola bottles in a press conference 

Laura Muir

A few weeks ago she was heading for one of the toughest assignments in the Olympics. A bit has happened on the women’s 1500m scene since. 

Sifan Hassan and Gudaf Tsegay, the world champion and indoor world record-holder respectively, have indicated they will pursue other distances, and America’s Shelby Houlihan was banned for drugs. It’s opening up. 

Things are looking up for Team GB athlete Laura Muir ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games


We can only speculate about what might have first attracted European football’s governing body to oil-rich Azerbaijan. 

But judging from the crowd of 8,782 who attended the Wales v Switzerland Euros match in Baku on Saturday (around a quarter of the permitted capacity), we can possibly rule out frenzied interest in the area. 

Only 8,000 attended Wales-Switzerland in Baku, around a quarter of the permitted capacity

Joe Root

The England cricket captain says now is not the time to panic. Which we can all probably agree would be sound advice, ordinarily. 

But if a home defeat against New Zealand ahead of his side’s Test engagements with India and an Ashes tour is not the time to panic, then you really have to wonder when is. 

Joe Root called for calm following England’s home defeat against New Zealand this week

Steve Gray 

He was the referee for Shaun Ritson’s world-title eliminator against Jeremias Ponce. 

More specifically, he rejected a towel that had been tossed in by Ritson’s father when he was taking punishment, prior to his eventual defeat. 

As referee he had that right; as onlookers we can all spot a bad rule.  

Referee Steve Gray rejected a towel that has been tossed in by Lewis Ritson’s father when he was taking punishment against Jeremias Ponce


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