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British snowboarder Katie Ormerod sets her sights on Olympic qualification

British snowboarder Katie Ormerod is eager to ‘show the world’ what she ‘can do on a snowboard’ at the Winter Olympics.

Ormerod says her ‘main focus for the season’ is to qualify for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games after missing the opportunity to compete at Pyeongchang due to a severe fracture that almost ended her career.    

However, Ormerod has admitted that she has had to leave her family to live in Europe, amid the pandemic, to avoid ‘falling behind’ her competitors in her most ‘important season’.    

British snowboarder Katie Ormerod was a medal hopeful at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

Ormerod spent the UK’s first lockdown in the country, before heading to Europe to aid her chances of qualifying for the Olympic Games.

She told Sportsmail: ‘My main focus for the whole season is to qualify for the Olympics.

‘I spent lockdown at home with my family, but now that things are getting worse again – especially in the UK – I am most likely going to have to stay out in Europe all season.

‘This is a really important season as this is the Olympic qualification season, so I need to be doing every World Cup otherwise I’ll fall behind, and I don’t want to risk going home and not being able to get back out.

‘So, I will be staying in Europe – which means I can do more training anyway.’

She missed the opportunity to compete due to a severe fracture that almost ended her career

Ormerod says that her goal for the season is to qualify for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games


Age: 23

Nationality: British

About: Freestyle Snowboarder from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom 

Accolades:  PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympian, World’s first female backside Double cork 1080, Overall World Cup Slopestyle Champion 2020, Big Air World Cup Champion, X Games Bronze medalist, 11x World Cup medalist, Laax Open medalist, Air & Style Silver medalist, Olympic PyeongChang Big Air Test event Bronze medalist, Pleasure Jam Champion and 5x British Champion 

The 23-year-old qualified for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games but never got to take part in the competition due to a career-threatening injury.

The Pyeongchang games would have been Ormerod’s first Olympics as she was scheduled to compete in two events, slopestyle and Big Air.

Ormerod was regarded as Great Britain’s most promising medal prospect following her success at the World Cup and X-Games.

However, her Olympic Games was over before it had even begun as she broke her heel in two the night before the competition was due to start.

Ormerod has previously snapped her anterior cruciate knee ligament, damaged the meniscus in both knees, fractured her shoulder and both arms, as well as her back, but says this was her most serious injury to date. 

The Halifax star underwent seven operations, a skin graft and almost two years of gruelling rehab before she returned to action.

Looking ahead to the 2022 Games in Beijing, Ormerod says she is not nervous about competing and that she is eager to ‘show the world’ what she ‘can do on a snowboard’.

However, to do so she must live in Europe to avoid ‘falling behind’ during the pandemic

Ormerod says she is passionate about showing the world what she can on a snowboard 

She said: ‘I’m not feeling any pressure. Especially after last season as I had the best season of my career so far by winning the crystal globe. I am more just looking forward to it as I didn’t get to compete last time.

INJURIES ORMEROD’S HAS OVERCOME Snapped her anterior cruciate knee ligamentDamaged the meniscus in both knees Fractured her shoulder Fractured both of her armsFractured her backSnapped her heel into two 

‘I am looking forward to the whole process, doing these World Cup’s to qualify – which I am really enjoying – and then if I hopefully qualify I can actually show the world what I can do on a snowboard.

‘That’s the dream right now, just to be able to compete.’ 

Should Ormerod qualify for the Olympics, she will be heading into the competition off the back of one of her most successful seasons.

Ormerod started 2020 with 4 World Cup podiums, before winning her first-ever yellow bib.

The 23-year-old went on to pick up two more yellow bibs and become the first British snowboarder to be awarded the  the Crystal Globe.

Reflecting on her recent success, Ormerod said her most meaningful accolade was the Crystal Globe and claimed she would be ‘excited about it forever.  

She said: ‘Winning the Crystal Globe in snowboarding is a really big achievement and I was the first British snowboarder to do that as well.

‘Out of all the trophies I have won, I’ve definitely always wanted to win that. So to do that in my comeback season as well after having four World Cup podiums and three yellow bibs which I never had before it was the perfect end to the perfect season.

‘I am really proud of myself for that, and I think I will be excited about winning the Crystal Globe forever.’

For more information on Katie check out her athlete profile on Redbull.com 

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