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NFL Week 2 Recap: Redskins 17, Bengals 13

This week, Joe Burrow wasn’t back on the pitch for Cincinnati Bengals and the two starters groupings were undermining, unable to put points on the board.

However, the Washington Football Team took a fourth-quarter lead and won the 17-13 game.

Joe Burrow warmed up but did not participate as he returned from a knee injury on his edges closer to his week 1.
Brandon Allen was uninspired, imprecise, and sometimes reckless about football. He had the good fortune to escape from the slot without a turnover as he underestimated the defender before putting the ball in his hands straight away. Even with three drops, its completion rate was only 64.7%.
Kyle Shurmur joined the game in the third quarter with a little more than four minutes left. He fumbled at a play where there was a snap count misunderstanding of his offensive line, which very instantly put him under pressure.
Eric Dungey also received plays in the fourth quarter, former XFL quarterback.
Player Dropbacks
BTTs 1st Downs TWPs
Allen Brandon 19 0 1 4
Shurmur Kyle 5 0 1 1
Dungey Eric Dungey
9 0 0 3
Backs Running
It wasn’t a powerful, rushing Bengal effort, but Chris Evans stood out the most. He has gained 40 yards on seven carriages, more than half of which occurred after impact.
Recipients/Tight Ends
It was a night that Ja’Marr Chase forgot when he concluded three goals with three goals. The second was a horrible case in alligator arms, as he felt that the safety he was lured into was an approaching hit. The third could have been disrupted even if he did not drop the ball.
Tee Higgins showed excellent hands on a throw behind him following a dig route.
Auden Tate had the night catch, but took the ball off Troy Apke, even though it was interfered with. He also had a major snack later in the game, holding on to a massive hit. 25% of Tate’s snaps came from the slot.
Receiver Targets
Routes Run Drops
Irwin Trenton
6 2 24 8 0
Yeah, Mr. Chase.
3 0 0 7 3
Higgins Tea
3 1 11 7 0
Moss Thaddeus
3 2 6 11 0
Thomas Mike
3 3 14 13 0
Auden Tate Auden
Trent Taylor 2 2 23 16 0
2 1 3 17 0
Line Offensive
The first team offensive line was regularly penalised early in the game. Quinton Spain drew a holding penalty on a screen, and Riley Reiff swiftly took the wrong start.
The second team offensive line impressed despite having several representatives against the starters of Washington. The quarterbacks of Cincinnati were under little pressure, because the offensive line was combined to permit only three total pressures.

Line of Defense
Cincinnati’s defensive front looked bizarre, especially at the start of the Washington game. Unwritten rookie Darius Hodge appeared again following an imposing debut a week earlier, initially with the first Team, and was hit by Ryan Fitzpatrick from Washington. Hodge had a total of 32 snaps.
Rookie Cameron Sample led the team in pressures before his day was out.
Second year Logan Wilson made some plays for the defense of Cincinnati. He had a forced fumbling and a loss struggle but also was at the core of a coverage breakdown that culminated in the first match for a Logan Thomas.
Chidobe Awuzie had a lot of pressure on him this season, but he bleached Terry McLaurin on a deep way into the end area to break the famous Fitzpatrick YOLO pass.
After a good game last week, Cornerback Jalen Davis had another strong effort. Davis produced two defensive stops and allowed only six yards of coverage per catch.
Defensive Back Targets Receptions Yards Yards by receipt
Davis Jalen
6 4 24 6
Phillips Darius
5 4 55 13.8
Winston Rose 4 4 33 8.3 Winston Rose
Chidobe Awuzie Chidobe
3 2 15 7.5
Hilton Mike
2 1 10 10

Only one first managed by Ryan Fitzpatrick in his day, although he’s not guilty of this lack of production. Two drops from Washington recipients hindered the opening drive and almost threw a play intercept where a recipient stopped his way.
Taylor Heinicke was in solid figures but was in frequent motion, and due to a fumble, his grade would decrease. It was sad that shortly before half he didn’t run a TD drive. Cam Sims was forced out of the limits of the final zone following a well-thrown pass, rendering his catch incomplete.
In the fourth quarter, Kyle Allen played solidly, completing two out of four 23 yard trials.
Player Dropbacks
Adjusted component ADOT 1st Downs percent
Fitzpatrick Ryan
14 61.5 9 3
Heinicke 18 84.6 5.2 6. Taylor
Allen’s Kyle 4 75 14
Backs Running
Antonio Gibson is the undisputed starter and the first team looked terrific. He was running effectively and making nice cutbacks on the screens. After catching two catches, Gibson totaled 27 yards.
Jarret Patterson made moves with the offense of the second team. He ran hard and had difficulty bringing it down. He also had a wonderful kick back early in the third quarter, helping to secure a spot on the roster.

Recipients/Tight Ends
Logan Thomas opened the game on a crossing route with a huge gain. He’s had a good gain with the starters for the second straight week.
Dyami Brown started with Terry McLaurin in two-receiver set early, but a drop in a scrampy Fitzpatrick game will not help his chances. He made it up later with a great back-shoulder on a 29 yards route.

Some plays were made by Antonio Gandy-Golden. This week he converted a two-point try, taking the ball out of the defensive. He was targeted in a two-point try for the second week in a row. When targeted, he generated a passer rating of 108.3.
Receiver Targets
Yards Routes Run
Brown Dyami
4 2 33 21
Sims Cam
3 2 19 18
Gandy-Golden Antonio
3 3 38 11
Humphries Adam
3 0 0 7
MacLaurin Terry
3 1 5 13
Seals-Jones Ricky
2 2 20 18
Thomas 2 1 28 13 Logan
Line of Offensive
Washington’s offensive line was fighting against Cincinnati’s rush early in the game. Not all single losses, but Fitzpatrick and Heinicke had to run and play outside the pocket all the time. The group submitted a total of 12 pressures.
Samuel Cosmi continues to be highly qualified as a running blocker, but not so well protected.
Line of Defense
Washington’s much-vaunted defensive front did not win its fighting with an offensive line that it ought to have beaten. The beginners didn’t last long or have a large impact.
Jamin Davis, the first-round rookie, had a better game than his debut this week. With his readings he seemed considerably more decisive and made a couple of defensive stops.
Don’t sleep on St-Benjamin. Juste’s On the first quarter he played back-to-back plays, covering Tee Higgins in a fade before he was on a third-down pitch all over Ja’Marr Chase.
In this game, Landon Collins looked like his old self. He spoke about Chase dropping a ball and gave a strong hit early in the game after a tight end from Bengals.


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