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NHL 22: How to Work Superstar X-Factors

EA Sports has released new details on how the new Superstar X-Factors will work across all of the game’s major modes ahead of the game’s Oct. 15, 2021, launch.

According to EA Sports, additional information will be shared over the next two days, but the gist of it is as follows:
Ultimate Hockey Team
In the popular competitive mode, players will have access to power-up items that initially grant them one x-factor ability before unlocking additional ones as they progress through the game.

Chel’s World
As demonstrated in the technical beta that began earlier this month, simply playing World of Chel modes such as EASHL, 3s Eliminator, and drop-in games will unlock x-factor abilities for your customized player.

Be a Professional
Be a Pro has always placed a premium on creating your own narrative throughout your NHL career, and, similar to World of Chel, your customized player will earn and equip x-factor abilities as you advance your career.

Mode de franchise
GMs will gain more advanced scouting options as a result of x-factors, which are supposed to influence line chemistry, trade values, and more.

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